A Ground-Up Build

Client Story

HealthVine is a network of pediatric care providers and organizations, backed by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, that connect to help children be healthier, more effectively and affordably. Through the power of collaboration, and using their combined expertise, they coordinate care and supporting services for families that enable children to thrive by living their healthiest lives.


Since starting out at the beginning of 2021, all the important files and information the staff would need was difficult to track down. They would spend hours trying to track down and get access to the information that they needed in order to do their job efficiently.


After conducting several stakeholder and user interviews, we sought out to create an all-in-one, centralized hub that offers user access to quality patient data, training materials, financial incentive initiatives, and communication channels that facilitate effective collaboration and workflow. This trusted source will provide intuitive, convenient access to the accurate information which empowers practice staff, providers, and administrators to influence change.

My Role

Assisted in stakeholder interviews

Assisted in user interviews

Helped create user personas

User Flows


High-fidelity mockups

Clickable prototype

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